pet project – litterally – [rasperry & cats]

Pet project – literally – as the kids want a cat – and we are ok – just we need a solution for when we travel and are not home for a few days up to 10 days max.

So we need to get the cat to be able to eat and to take care of its basic needs without destroying the flat.

Here is what I found:



Simple version 1:

Simple version 2:

Simple version 3:

Advanced v1:

Advanced v2:



More complex to handle

here are some elements I am thinking about:

nice idea

Probably need an other engineering approach – or just leave a lot of litter boxes – just in case – like this guy.


Voice & IOT

Voice and IOT

Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod and Siri (and Microsoft Cortana) are all fighting to control the voice market. While they get full respect for doing so, I am not gonna say I am particularly trusting any of these companies to provide us with the best level of privacy, service and control over what we do with our devices and how is the data used.

Therefore I am compiling here some resources which I’ll probably update as we go on interesting DIY tools to build similar devices.


Cool tutorials