No backend – frontend first tools

Traditionnaly – when you build an app – you go from the backend first, i.e – the data model, the database, the API and then only you add the frontend layout talking to you backend.

Problems that come with this approach are basically

  • Longer time before client can see anything
  • You don’t build with user scenarios in mind but with database and programming scenario in mind.

Some people though to reverse the whole dev cycle and start with frontend first.

I want to show you here 3 tools that can be very beneficial to this purpose.



Open source API generation

Github: https://github.com/deployd/deployd

Main site: http://deployd.com/



Offline line fist api for rapid application development

Site: http://hood.ie/




Opensource offline first, remote storage on a per user basis.

Site: https://remotestorage.io/