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Vuejs and jquery – a digest

TL;DR: Really, vuejs could totally replace jquery if it wasn’t for some of jquery plugins. But really as time goes, I am sure we can expect it will come. Comparing vuejs and jquery Replace jquery with VueJS If you are not that much of a jquery person anyway, this article should be a good intro […]

When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment

    Adam Carroll talks about his $10,000 Monopoly game with his kids and how to teach finance management in a cashless society. Adam Carroll is quickly being recognized as one of the top transformational trainers in the country. Having presented at over 500 colleges and Universities nationwide, hundreds of leadership symposiums, and countless local […]

Camera basics – ISO – Aperture – Shutter speed

Shutter Speed The time the shutter is open to expose light into the sensor. Typically measured in fractions of a second. Slow shutter speeds means more light into the sensor Examples of shutter speeds: 1/15 (1/15th of a second), 1/30, 1/60, 1/125. Aperture How big the hole of  the lens is open. The larger the […]

Some interesting VueJS Projects

VueJS wordpress theme starter VueRouter integrated Vuex integrated (with sample WordPress-centric modules) jQuery integrated, if that’s your thing Firebase support and sample config Axios for API requests Follows the development guidelines/structure set forth by Vuejs Bare essentials needed for a functional WordPress theme All requests are redirected back to the index.php so your Vue routing […]

wordpress and redis

Ludicrous Speed: WordPress Caching with Redis How To Configure Redis Caching to Speed Up WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04 WP Redis wp-redis-cache by Benjamin Adams How to Drastically Speed Up WordPress with Redis How to load WordPress in a few milliseconds using Redis Lightning Fast WordPress with Nginx + Redis

Why do I write var log

Most post in this category are unfinished, imperfect, lack the polish a proper blog article should have, very often they have typos and even some time unfinished sentences. So why even bother? Well, because life isn’t perfect, and most imperfect. But it is important to get going anyway. It is important to persist. I know […]

SEO on a budget

SEO isn’t hard you need good content and good link. That’s kind of all. But when you cannot do any of these or you want to accelerate the process, might be worth thinking how you’re gonna optimise that process. Finding good content on this is pretty hard. This video however is really a neat finding. […]