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Up your LinkedIn skills with 3 talks on LinkedIn Strategy

Paul Copcutt: LinkedIn -Where your sales and marketing meet And also how can piñada and LinkedIn help to sell accounting services…   Become a LinkedIn Search Ninja Spend 3 days to find valuable information on LinkedIn search. Found it.   Social Selling by LinkedIn with LinkedIn This lady kicks ass. Very good video on social […]

LinkedIn – Social Media 101

Everyone knows LinkedIn – yet not everybody use it to its full power (and I totally include myself in this “everybody”). Linkedin has a lot of potential and here are some interesting tips I would suggest you  have a look at. Some history & stats Founded in Dec, 2002 (When Windows XP was still at […]

Art is about creating perspective

Design is about solving problem Art is about creating perspective Both place the human dimension at the center of their craft It is never about the tool or the medium per se It is always about the experience Imagination is the trigger Pulling the trigger take you out of this world Use text – images […]


WTF is Shenzhen

Ok, if you have never heard of Shenzhen, China you might want to get yourself up to date with this quick article – because really, it is getting more and more attention lately, as it has turned into a major platform of electronic hardware manufacturing of the past 15 years.   Located north of Hong Kong, Shenzen […]

Make your own iPhone – a crazy and fascinating experiment

Ever wonder if you can build your own phone? Well this guy did. Last time I checked how to make a phone myself, the only thing I could find always seemed very hard and not very practical (just have a look at this DIY Smartphone based on a rasperry-pi) But the Strange Parts’s project is really impressive […]

Make shit happen

#Make shit happen Get out and shout your truth to the world You might be wrong but you will never know until you get it out Breaking news: the world will go on with or without you – so better you become an active part of it. #Just do it Just move on and create. […]

Mastodon – a lightweight twitter that can weight a lot

So, the news broke. It’s all over the Internet. Mastodon is the new cool kid on the block. It came out on my radars a few months ago on ProductHunt, but now it’s “officially” a serious project : At least most of the major media outlets like for instance  : Mashable: Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are […]

Why should you give a damn about the internet

When I talk to people about the Internet – the first reaction is always : “Yes! Today you have no choice”. Then when I dig a little deeper – you hear the real stories. The “Yes… but…” – not in our industry – people are not buying online really – the market is not ready […]