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50 shades of truth

  Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy. (R. Anthony) Certainty is cool. We love when we can feel confident. It makes our world emotionaly safer.   Also – we hate it when we have to issue a correction about a statement we made that turned out wrong.   Certainty […]


How to post with WP-CLI

Right, so this is probably not for everyone – but I just wanted to share. #Disclaimer I am real big fan of VI and I do tend to think the default WordPress interface is a bit confusing, especially – if you just want to write.   Too many option, too much stuff on the screen. […]

Laravel Dashboards

1. LaraAdmin GitHub : https://github.com/dwijitsolutions/laraadmin Website: http://laraadmin.com/ 2. Backpack https://backpackforlaravel.com/ 3. Voyager https://github.com/the-control-group/voyager Website: https://laravelvoyager.com/ 4. CRUD Booster http://crudbooster.com/ 5. Quick Admin https://github.com/LaravelDaily/quickadmin 6. Z-Song https://github.com/z-song/laravel-admin 7. appzcoder https://github.com/appzcoder/crud-generator 8. SleepingOwlAdmin https://github.com/LaravelRUS/SleepingOwlAdmin   On Code Canyon – Paid stuff https://codecanyon.net/item/laravel-crud-cms-sximo-5-lts/11893533?ref=ericbarnes https://codecanyon.net/item/josh-laravel-admin-template-front-end-crud/8754542?ref=ericbarnes https://codecanyon.net/item/admin-architect-administration-framework-for-laravel/13528564?ref=ericbarnes https://codecanyon.net/item/plmb-powerful-laravel-crud-generator-package-builder-dynamic-report-builder-admin-template/17314714  

#JustAnExample – Waiting screen – Mediatemple – UX

#JustAnExample is a series where I share some interesting UX / UI and smart copy for your inspiration (and my archive of references).   Media Temple is a web hosting company – at the high-end spectrum – I mean they are pretty good – both in service and in functionalities and options for hosting your site. […]


if it is free, you are [not] the product

“If it is free, you are the product”  This statement is an easy shot. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are free because they use our data. Therefore we are bound to agree to this fact or simply close our social account and disconnect from the rest of the world. But is it really true? Can we never […]

E-Estonia – Is the digital utopia for real?

Eesti Vabariik – the Republic of Estonia 45,339 Km2 and a population 1.3 M people which like a ten time less than Paris or London. They have a complex and interesting history (actually most countries have an interesting history – but maybe it is a personal taste.)   But what is really interesting is how […]

3 elearning platforms you probably never heard of

We always talk about elearning through the lense of MOOCs and self-study management. WordPress (Sensei, Learndash, LeanPress, WP-Courseware), Moodle, edX, Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai and others come out as the solutions mentioned over and over again.   Here I wanted to show you three different directions for education and elearning needs.   HR Driven: JollyDeck JollyDeck is […]


10 laws of project management

Augustine’s Law A bad idea executed to perfection is still a bad idea Corollary: A good idea poorly executed is of no use to anyone   Lakein’s Law Failing to plan is planning to fail Eisenhower’s corollary : Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.   Fitzgerald’s Law There are two states to any large project : […]