Newsletter email confirmation – NextCloud #JustAnExample


Nextcloud is an awesome solution to create and manage your own cloud – you should really check them out if you have never heard of them.

Here we have a quick look at the newsletter confirmation – an always challenging issue for open rate and engagement with your users. I found this one pretty good – so I have added to the #justAnExample collection

Why is it good?

  • It gets personal

It gets personnal real quick – which force you to care about that guy who is writing to you. I think it is an underrated way to communicate with your audience. Too often businesses are very impersonal and you never know the name of the person writing to you – including in the newsletter and that’s a shame. Not that it is right in every case – but I do think a lot more should be doing it – especially – but not only – SMBs.

  • Text!

No fancy graphics – just a plain text email – which I think sometime help convey better the information than an over crowded branded email with graphics all over the place.


So that’s it – just wanted to get this out there – and have it in the collection ๐Ÿ™‚


Beer, Conversation and Bridging the Opinion Gap

We are all different.

Color, Race, Religions.

Different brands of toothpaste.

Different opinions.

Lately, havingย different opinions is starting to turn intoย a real issue.


Up to a point where people can’t even have a conversation about it.

(Arguably, this was always the case, just that now, it seems it is getting harder to just ignore others’ opinions)


It isย not always easy to to discuss.

Open conversations are hard.

It is even harder when both sides have strong opinions.


Well, Heineken just made a commercial about

Worth watching.



If only we could learn to talk to each other, we’d be in a much different place.

Itย will take more than a beer commercial to get there.

But it still remain a veryย nice move by Heineken.


It also confirms my opinion that businesses have a real role to play in creating content that can impact the world around them.

We live in the internet era.

Your voice matter.

Make it count.

Content is king

Thatโ€™s not new.
Thatโ€™s also not something people pay enough attention to.

Content is king for a reason.
Content is the expression of your knowledge.
Content is what help you communicate your brand.
Content is what define if you exist or not on the internet.
Content is what connect people with each other.
Content is what make your voice meaningful.
Content is what help you make a difference

For all these reasons and many others, content is king.

Creating content is what allow your audience to keep in touch with you.

Creating content allows your brand to be understood better.
When you are understood better, it is easier to trust you.

It is easier to find you relatable.

It is easier to build a relationship.

You stop being a stranger on the internet because people start to know who you are – because you created content.

They start to feel what you feel, they understand your point of view on the world.

They do not have to agree.
They do not have to care.

But if they want to, then you are here.

You made the first step.

Making the first step is always terrifying, because yes, it is terrifying to put yourself out there in front of everyone.

It is hard also for a company.

It is hard for a brand to decide to share its voice. But if companiesย donโ€™t do it, they will never get through the noise to the heart of their customers, they will never touch their audience where it matters (and no, it is not their wallet).

You can make the best beer in the world, but if you donโ€™t talk about it no one will know.

And if you just goes out and say โ€œmy beer is the best in worldโ€ no one will listen because โ€œthey all say thatโ€ so you have to think.

You have to be creative.

And yes, it is hard.

You have to dig deep into the soul of your brand, the โ€œwhyโ€ of you company, the manifesto of its existence.

Creating content is hard.
But it is worth it.