What’s up with Google AMP pages anyway



AMP is Google tech for loading pages quickly on mobile.

Basically AMP is the Google version of Facebook Instant Articles.

Google is pushing this tech as a mean to increase the overall volume of mobile Ad inventory – essentially more page views means more revenues for publishers and Google via DoubleClick.

Solving page load issues can be done without AMP and should be probably done without it.


Google tech selling page for AMP

In short: “AMP provides a great user experience across many platforms” – all the rest is just how to implement it.


Why is it a bad idea?

See Daniel Miessler article :

Google AMP is not a good thing


What was the issue we were trying to solve – and how could we solve this differently ?

Justin Avery make a very good exercice of discussing the AMP sales pitch:

See What is the deal with Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP

Also :

AMPed up – by Jeremy Keith – british web developper from Brighton:

I love the opening:

“Apple has Apple News. Facebook has Instant Articles. Now Google has AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages.
The big players sure are going to a lot of effort to reinvent RSS.”

which is – in essence of lot of what is happening.

We used to have a standard way to federate content online – using RSS – and this way keeping up to date with whatever we wanted to – in a very platform-agnostic way – and now with Apple / Google / Facebook fighting for every bits of our attention and money – they are re-creating similar technology to avoid us doing anything outside of their platform.


Last but not least – you can also check Joshua Benton on NiemanLab – makes a good balance of all points:

Get AMP’d: Here’s what publishers need to know about Google’s new plan to speed up your website


Bottom line

It seems a lot of marketing around a simple idea for optimising content : stripping your content from most of its fancy elements – but all the while – avoiding people to leave the Google environment which is the key element for Google.

So, yeah… I am sure from a pure engineering perspective we could have done the same without all the AMP fuss which is basically a way to make more web – real estate for Google to bid on…


CCC – stuff to watch

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Watch this video:



None of the technologies involved in this video are too far away from what is available today.


When you think about all the data available from face recognition, and geo-localisation – available from all major corporation – from Google to Apple including Facebook or Amazon – just to name the big ones – it does make you think.


And mistakes in targeting happen everyday in advertising – but it’d be a very different topic to have it happen in a military operation – just like it is happening in this film.



I honestly don’t know yet what to think of it … beside of course that’s a pretty terrible future that’s coming if this would become a reality.


I made a post earlier – on dystopian future – go check it out – it *will* make you think…


The only thing I am sure, is that whatever evolutions will come from all these technologies, education and preparation are the only things can help us overcome the darkest aspects of human nature.

A new thing in my bucket list: building a custom mechanical keyboard


Probably wont do that for now – that’s like super expensive for what it is – meaning just a keyboard – but would really be a great stuff to build.

I mean I checked this site : KBDfans which is referred in the video – and yeah.. what can I say these mechanical keyboards parts are freaking awesome!

Any of you out there did that already?

not quitting

so yeah… I know it was supposed to be everyday.

Well, it is apparently not 100% there yet.

I know I am going to get there so I am not worried.

The whole idea of /var/log was to create a space online where I could somehow journal my work, my research, my idea, draft my articles without holding it all back on my computer/ my head/ etc.

In a weird way things went thoughts when I started to overthink my writing for this space.

Overdoing it, wanted to write perfect articles, with all the arguments, all the content (which what the main blog is for…)

So, all in all, just a quick post to break the cycle and get back on track.

Because here is the thing when you are trying to build a new habit : you are going to fall off track (else it means the habit would be already built, well rooted in your daily activities…) so if you cannot pack it, or make it work on the first try, the best is to get back on the horse and try again.

I fell off my objective of daily writing.

Now I am back at it again.

See you in the next post!

thoughts on organisations’ portal

Some elements on thoughts on designing / building a company’s web portal.


– is dependant on the internal business process

– can help cut from 30% to 60% inefficiencies

– Requires good collaboration between designers and client

– is a thing since the 90’s

– today you can basically integrate both and ERP / Mobile App / CRM / CMS to deliver a 360 integration of the business needs and customer needs

– need to be built with a very flexible technology

– doesn’t need that much scale – you hardly go above a few 1000s users (unless you integrate clients as well and then you might need more but you know…)

– Some interesting references

– https://www.europeana.eu/portal/en

– https://www.tut.by/?crnd=57562

– www.digitalnz.org

– What kind of features to think about (in no specific order):

– Client area :

– Order management (invoices, proposals, Delivery status, progress update)

– A Drop zone

– Exclusive content

– Courses

– Products / Featured products / Exclusive products

– Asset management

– …

– Staff

– HR requests

– Insurance

– Payroll

– Management communication

– Team communication

– Process automation

– Mood checker

– Leaderboard

– Performance evalution

– Gamified task management

– Partners / Affiliate

– lead management

– Billing

– etc.

– Provider

– Order history

– Volunteers

– volunteer management


Revenu streams

– membership

– fee

– percentage

– affiliate sales

– products

a quick one about the designers’ struggle with clients

Yesterday I had a conversation with a designer who made a career change to become a real-estate sales person.


yep – you heard well.


From panda-hat pencil-in-hand graphic artist and logo designer, he went to sell cinderblocks lots…


What happened? well, unsurprisingly – he got sick of clients – he got tired of not getting paid – and he got tired of having the very people who hired him for a job starting to tell him how he should do his job.


He got lost.


Like many others.


Like probably whole of us at any point in our career – when dealing with clients and learning how to provide a service to somebody else – it is not always easy – and it is not happening in your photoshop.


This is when I realised – how many people have not yet read or heard Mike Monteiro


This guy is the business coach that creatives didn’t have while learning their craft.


And most importantly – he will bring back your motivation to do good while giving you the tools to deliver.


If you haven’t, you should watch:



Any issue with getting paid? Watch this one:


(Actually – even if this one feels good – it is not always very helpful. I guess it works fine in the US – but from my experience in other places in the world – lawyers aren’t always the best to handle this kind of task… I have other resources I’ll put together for you some other time – still worth watching the talk though because it will help you realise how common these situations can be and how you should not bow your head and agree but you should fight to get that money.)



Anyway that’s it for today!

Don’t let the daily grind get the best out of you, and remember that your work matter! Just sell it.

Some days just suck shit

Mondays don’t have to suck

but sometime they do…

which I guess is fine and was to be expected.

Yet – when you didn’t sleep overnight and still have to break your head over tons of things… some days are just not easy.

The secret – is to zoom out.

When I manage to zoom out on the scale of a decade – then the fact the tramway was late or that I couldnt get a coffee in the morning, or this bug in the code is become such a tiny ridicule element that can easily be overcome.

On the other hand, when you have a ridicule tiny stone in your shoes, lets see how you zoom out… so yeah… so sometime it sucks 🙂

and we have to get used to it… will get better 🙂

Infosec privacy for a Sunday watch list (tor / bitcoins)

Research notes / Watchlist for later review on infosec and privacy and anonymity – note that these two are different.


#Tor Developer Isis Lovecruft lectures on anonymity systems at Radboud Universiteit


#Browsing with Tor: Online Anonymity to Outsmart the NSA – Tom Lowenthal


#DEFCON 14: How to Create an Anonymous Identity


#DEFCON 20: Can You Track Me Now?

Government And Corporate Surveillance Of Mobile Geo-Location Data




Lecture 6 — Bitcoin and Anonymity




Bitcoin Q&A: Anonymity and confidential transactions


Just ship

I am very good at starting things.

It wasn’t always true – I used to waste a lot of time to ponder and get to work – now in the past decade I think I have brought my capacity to set up a new project to a real good level – and kickstarting things into motions.

Now – I need to move to the next level – which is perfecting the finish.

To go full “seth godin” definition: JUST SHIP.

Delivery – even imperfect is such an important thing.

Ultimately – no matter how hard you work, people don’t give shit until you deliver something.

Often time I get caught in trying to make something perfect, instead of focusing on getting it just done.

Done is better than perfect is a reality.

Part of me is doing this daily blog in order to improve this issue.

A daily blog is an obligation to deliver on a daily basis a piece of work.

It is a great tool for creatives I think to train your consistency and your capacity to ship.

ship early, ship often

Then you can improve the quality.

But first, training yourself to ship is vital.

Nobody love cheap talk.

People want to get results.

The results are measured only on what you shipped.

So bottom line, I need to improve my shipping.