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if it is free, you are [not] the product

“If it is free, you are the product”  This statement is an easy shot. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are free because they use our data. Therefore we are bound to agree to this fact or simply close our social account and disconnect from the rest of the world. But is it really true? Can we never […]

E-Estonia – Is the digital utopia for real?

Eesti Vabariik – the Republic of Estonia 45,339 Km2 and a population 1.3 M people which like a ten time less than Paris or London. They have a complex and interesting history (actually most countries have an interesting history – but maybe it is a personal taste.)   But what is really interesting is how […]

3 elearning platforms you probably never heard of

We always talk about elearning through the lense of MOOCs and self-study management. WordPress (Sensei, Learndash, LeanPress, WP-Courseware), Moodle, edX, Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai and others come out as the solutions mentioned over and over again.   Here I wanted to show you three different directions for education and elearning needs.   HR Driven: JollyDeck JollyDeck is […]


10 laws of project management

Augustine’s Law A bad idea executed to perfection is still a bad idea Corollary: A good idea poorly executed is of no use to anyone   Lakein’s Law Failing to plan is planning to fail Eisenhower’s corollary : Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.   Fitzgerald’s Law There are two states to any large project : […]

Finish your ideas

  We all have ideas. Sometime we don’t even realise we do, as we don’t always pay attention to the flow of our mind. Some ideas come and pass and never come back. Some stick around. Sometime we turn these ideas into action. But even then we seldom finish them.   Parkinson’s law Parkinson’s law […]

How big is Google?

I was working earlier on a post on privacy, then realised I cannot even start to give a proper introduction to it without laying down some facts first. So, there will be no jumping straight into the subject of privacy, centralisation of the internet, and how politics is affecting the internet as a whole. Instead, we will take […]


Everything is a remix

  The quote above is a funny, yet very accurate introduction to the topic developed in the documentary by Kirby Ferguson : Everything is a Remix. (side note: If you care who said this quote go check this link to figure out nobody really knows.) Everything is a remix explores the concept of originality in creativity.   Never […]


Do what you can’t

They did not know it was impossible so they did it — Mark Twain   Rules, somehow, always, seems to be a barrier to innovation.     Status-quo is cultural protectionism The status-quo creates artificial scarcity. Because it promotes the lack of initiative It supports business as usual. The status-quo is opposed to disruption, to change, to […]