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Laziness is unconscious incompetence

I stumbled upon this video the other day. Some ex navy seal guy, they do army-style training programs for people who like to get their butt kicked. But also, they happen to have very good content on psychology of motivation (which actually make sense given what they do as a job.) The following video is […]

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The Resistance

The resistance is some phenomenon well known of creative people, entrepreneurs and anybody trying to make something different and/or new happen – to some extent it is like a force of nature that manifest itself against our will to improve, our desire to advance. The resistance is the dark side of the force, here to maintain […]


What happens when people sign up for your stuff

  So you have this book that you wrote. This newsletter you so carefully crafted. This course you designed with attention and love. …. You are ready for launch. The world is waiting for you …. …. well …. NOPE. No one is waiting for you. Not even the people who registered for (tick the right […]


Design like you care

Design is at the core of everything you do. The piece of hardware you are using to read this post has been designed. The website you read is the result of a design process.   Design is about creating the experience that will allow your audience to enjoy from what you want to give them. […]


NGO biz dev tip of the day

Hi there! A quick tip today for NGO’s : We live in a world with tight interconnections. It means that your cause, whatever it is you are rooting for – from handicap to poverty to your local social community service – chances are that people who don’t care for your cause are actually caring for […]

Let’s be blunt

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. However you are still reading. There might be something you expect to get from reading me. It’s ok, I am cool with that.   That’s why I am writing for. I want to provide you value. One day, we might be doing business together, or we […]

The org. chart of a dying organisation

If this look like the org. chart of the place you work at, you might want to consider thinking to go somewhere else.   No organisation ever started to end up like this, but it usually happen when you do not ingrain a culture of learning into your people and your organisation. This happen when […]


The 1 thing you need to make your marketing work

Patience. Grit. Perseverance. Borderline Stubbornness. <sidenote> Successful Startup founder are usually painted as stubborn asshole who don’t want to hear anyone else advice. While some are like that (anyone can be a startup founder, especially these days) the one who succeed are not usually stubborn, but they have grit, they do not give up easily. […]

Tools don’t matter

Can you design iOS with Microsoft Word? Well maybe you never thought it was possible, have a look at the video and then let’s talk… When you know what you want to create, when you have a clear vision of the result then tools are merely a way to get there and you will get […]

How do you stay motivated

The short answer is : you don’t. There is no such thing as “staying” motivated. Instead you need to cultivate necessity. Necessity You know this feeling you get when you’re getting dangerously close to a deadline. Like you have to get that shit done. Now. Err.. actually yesterday, but yeah, now. And you get full […]