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Do what you can’t

They did not know it was impossible so they did it — Mark Twain   Rules, somehow, always, seems to be a barrier to innovation.     Status-quo is cultural protectionism The status-quo creates artificial scarcity. Because it promotes the lack of initiative It supports business as usual. The status-quo is opposed to disruption, to change, to […]


Millennials are a myth

Millenials (people born after 1980 and before 2000) are defined as : lazy entitled unattached not motivated by money want more holidays more horseshit The point of this post is to share a truth more and more commonly agreed upon: Millenials are not real. “Millennials” as a concept is mainly a huge pile of crap. […]


The elearning (r)evolution

Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education The lady from Coursera tells you how it is done and what they have learned.   Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education The guy who founded the Khan Academy talks to you about what online video can do for schooling and education.

Rethinking Education – 3 talks to watch

If you are not familiar with these 3 people and their thesis about education, take the time to catch up. Entertaining and well-articulated, they will help you understand where the current education system is falling short. Ken Robinson is more focused on the what – Seth on the why – and Sugata Mitra is looking for […]

A fews things to pay attention to on LinkedIn

#1 – Pay attention to your photo Your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo. That’s also the first thing people will use to get a first understanding of who you are. So, make sure your photo is clean and broadcast the kind of feeling your want – not […]

Beer, Conversation and Bridging the Opinion Gap

We are all different. Color, Race, Religions. Different brands of toothpaste. Different opinions. Lately, having different opinions is starting to turn into a real issue.   Up to a point where people can’t even have a conversation about it. (Arguably, this was always the case, just that now, it seems it is getting harder to just ignore […]

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Constraints, Creativity, Startups, Funding

When options are limited, people produce more solutions  – not less. When people are limited they try to improve and optimise.   The opposite is true. It is known as Parkinson’s Law : “Work expands so as to fill the time available for it’s completion”   Well, seems like what is true for time budget is also […]

Up your LinkedIn skills with 3 talks on LinkedIn Strategy

Paul Copcutt: LinkedIn -Where your sales and marketing meet And also how can piñada and LinkedIn help to sell accounting services…   Become a LinkedIn Search Ninja Spend 3 days to find valuable information on LinkedIn search. Found it.   Social Selling by LinkedIn with LinkedIn This lady kicks ass. Very good video on social […]